Ian Wright says it shouldn’t matter how good Spurs are, Arsenal have to turn up ready to beat them on Saturday.

In the last couple of matches, Arsenal drew with Red Star Belgrade and lost to Manchester City, while Spurs beat Real Madrid and Crystal Palace.

It isn’t particularly impressive to beat Palace at the moment, and Madrid are on a much worse run than City, but it’s still not a good sign ahead of the North London derby.

Ian Wright admitted to the Express that Spurs are a side to fear, given their form going into this weekend’s encounter. “Tottenham have just beaten Real Madrid and beaten them convincingly and they were very impressive,” he said.

“The derby is something that our players should be going into thinking ‘I don’t care, I don’t care if they’ve got capes on with S on them’. They should be looking to beat them.”

Ian was speaking at the premiere of the film “89”, about Arsenal’s title win in 1989. In the film, Lee Dixon explains how his own teammates pinned him against a wall before his first North London derby and told him he better not make any mistakes, or he’d be in trouble.

That sort of accountability to your own team is what the Gunners need a bit more of, in my opinion. It’s one thing to want to beat your opposition for the fans, or because you don’t like that opposition, but it’s another to go out there ready to fight for your teammates.

Recently, some players seem closer to fighting their teammates than fighting for them. That can’t be the case this weekend.