Arsene Wenger insists that Arsenal ‘won’t hide’ against Manchester City on Sunday.

Wenger claims that Arsenal will play attacking football at the Etihad on Sunday afternoon but we all know this won’t happen.

“We’ll of course try to play our game. We’ll not hide,” Wenger said. “When we go there, we’ll want to defend well. But we cannot go there and be focused on only defending. We want as well to play and have the ball and create dangerous situations. The best way to defend sometimes is to attack.”

City are practically unstoppable this season. They’re unbeaten in the Premier League, have only drawn once and are looking like a genuine force going forward.

If Arsenal go all out against Pep Guardiola’s side at the weekend, they’re going to get thumped. I don’t care how optimistic you are: that’s a given. They’re tearing teams apart for fun at the moment, whereas the Gunners look a little… meh.

We’ve come from behind to win and found our way up to fifth in the table but we’re still so vulnerable at the back. If we open up and attack, City will have no trouble in humiliating us.

Wenger obviously has to say that his side aren’t going to hide. It’s goes against his philosophy and the way he likes his football to be played. Plus, what sort of message would it send to not just the fans but the players themselves?

However, this is definitely one of the cases in which I wouldn’t hold the boss to his word.