Manchester United have cooled their interest in Mesut Ozil because he’s asking for too much money, according to reports.

The back-and-forth about Mesut Ozil’s future continues as, apparently, Manchester United aren’t too keen on him anymore.

That’s according to the Daily Star, who report that Ozil’s financial demands are proving to be too much for even United.

Ozil is reportedly on £215,000 per week at Arsenal according to the Daily Star (even though they said in July he was on £140k, a much more realistic figure) and would want a £10m signing on fee if he were to sign for United.

United could quite easily pay this, but they may feel it’s not good value for money for a 29-year-old.

That’s what the Star’s report implies, in any case. Big wages and a huge signing on fee didn’t stop United from signing a much older Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Twice.

With Ozil’s contract situation still unresolved, a lack of interest from other teams could work in Arsenal’s favour.

The German is looking for form after a difficult start to the season, which saw him receive heavy criticism for his performances

He has just the one goal and one assist to his name, which is well below his usual output.

He’s recently recovered from a knee injury and is starting games regularly again.