Arsenal’s matches against Chelsea and West Bromwich Albion have been rescheduled to fit the new timetable dictated by the televised fixtures and, once again, travelling fans are screwed.

The Gunners’ game against West Brom (a) has been moved from 3pm on Saturday 30th December, to 4:30pm on Sunday 31st December. Any fans travelling to the Hawthorns will probably now need to reschedule their New Year’s Eve plans.

The New Year’s Day game against Chelsea was therefore also moved, to Wednesday 3rd January at 7:45pm.

The only other Arsenal game moved for TV is the trip to Bournemouth, which has gone from Saturday 13th January to Sunday 14th January at 1:30pm.

All three games will be televised.

This all comes after the match against Liverpool on the 23rd December was moved to the 22nd, and the match against Crystal Palace was shifted from the 26th to the 28th.

Therefore Christmas itself promises to be fairly quiet, followed by an extremely busy New Year period, especially if the Gunners have to play a League Cup semi-final as well.

Perhaps the TV bosses thought Arsenal fans got off too lightly with the Liverpool game not being moved to Christmas Eve in the end, so they decided to mess up New Year’s instead.

The new dates and times have been updated on the Arsenal website.