Former Gunner Alan Smith believes that Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke has a storm coming his way as fans become more and more frustrated with the way their club’s being run.

Smith reckons that Silent Stan’s lack of passion towards Arsenal and football in general is causing a lack of stability at the club, which is bound to boil over soon.

“There’s a lack of strong leadership at the top of Arsenal,” Smith told Standard Sport“Stan Kroenke isn’t that engaged, not conversant with English football. He’s not passionate about the sport, as much as he might try to make you think he is. That’s creating instability around the club.

“[The AGM] was unfortunate to say the least. I was surprised at the way Sir Chips Keswick behaved. Those fans deserve to be treated with respect and their questions listened to and answered. It didn’t do the club any favours.

“Arsenal have always had an Old Etonian ethos in the boardroom but during my time at the club there was never that kind of rebellion from the fans. There were times when they were unhappy but this is different. It’s growing and growing to a crescendo.”

As Smith says, this time it is different. Everything from Arsenal not winning the title in 13 years to top signings potentially leaving for free next summer is causing Gooners to become more and more disillusioned with their club.

The Arsenal legend also brings up the recent AGM meeting, which saw Ivan Gazidis get booed, Sir Chips Keswick pussy-foot around questions and Silent Stan continue to be errr… silent.

There are very few things worse that feeling disrespected and as if you’re not being listened to, which is precisely how Arsenal fans have felt over the last few years. There’s reason behind the discontent and it’s not just because the team itself seem to be falling further and further behind the rest of the ‘big teams’.

Something has to give and, as Smith says, I do get the feeling that it’ll reach a crescendo by the end of this season.