In the space of eight days, Arsenal fans got to witness the best and worst of Aaron Ramsey.

Let’s take you back to the Swansea game on 28 October.

Arsenal went 1-0 down before coming back to win 2-1 with goals from Sead Kolasinac, who put in a man of the match performance, and Aaron Ramsey.

It was Rambo’s 50th goal in red and white and a fantastic performance from the Wales international, which highlighted his strengths and showed exactly how efficiently we play as a team when the 26-year-old gets everything just right.

During the match against the Swans, Rambo had three shots in total, won three tackles and completed 86% of his passes, which is slightly higher than his average so far this season.

He also made two key passes.

Ramsey was quiet against Swansea in the first half but after they opened up later on in the game, and that’s when the midfielder could do his thing. His movement off the ball, like Mesut Ozil’s, is fantastic and the runs he makes, which are often not picked up, are far easier when the opposition is stretched. It gives him space to run into.

His unrivaled stamina against a tiring team is also useful. It means that although his passing isn’t always spot-on, he’s given the time to think about his every movement and recover quicker than when he’s being pressed.

The Swansea win therefore ended up being a prime example of how incredible the Welshman can be when fit and in form. When everything he tries comes off, his teammates trust him and he’s glowing with confidence.

And that wasn’t even his best performance for Arsenal.

ramsey city 2
(OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)

Just over a week later, we witnessed a far more frustrating display from Arsenal during the 3-1 loss away to Manchester City.

Although Rambo got the assist for Alexandre Lacazette’s goal and wasn’t the worst player on the pitch by any means, nothing was going Rambo’s way at the Etihad.

The cheeky passes he tried to over-complicate went awry, that’s when Alexis would actually allow him to have the ball, he was dispossessed twice and although he completed 88% of his passes, he only attempted 40 for the entirety of the game. Compare this to Fernandinho, who attempted 76 and completed 68 and you see the problem.

Ramsey has brilliant creative vision but, unlike Mesut Ozil, he doesn’t quite have the skill to pull it off when he’s under pressure. Not that the German was exactly amazing against Pep Guardiola’s side.

Against City, he didn’t have the space and time to influence and drive play.

Was he terrible? No.

He wasn’t our worst player by any stretch; he worked hard throughout and never hid. However, the clash was an example of how frustrating it can be when nothing Rambo tries seems to come off and potentially why so many Gooners are completely split on whether they want him to remain at the club or not.