Alan Smith has warned the Arsenal board that fan anger could build to a “crescendo”.

The former Arsenal striker believes that recent fan unrest is as fervent as its ever been.

Supporters were unhappy with the conduct of Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick at a recent annual general meeting and continued silence of majority shareholder Stan Kroenke.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Smith said there’s a deficiency in leadership at Arsenal who could deal with a possible fan rebellion as a result. “There’s a lack of strong leadership at the top of Arsenal,” he said.

“Stan Kroenke isn’t that engaged, not conversant with English football. He’s not passionate about the sport, as much as he might try to make you think he is. That’s creating instability around the club.

“[The AGM] was unfortunate to say the least. I was surprised at the way Sir Chips Keswick behaved. Those fans deserve to be treated with respect and their questions listened to and answered. It didn’t do the club any favours.

“Arsenal have always had an Old Etonian ethos in the boardroom but during my time at the club there was never that kind of rebellion from the fans. There were times when they were unhappy but this is different. It’s growing and growing to a crescendo.”

With results on the pitch not being up to the fans’ standards, there have been more and more protests. Last season saw fans gather outside the stadium to protest the new contract for Arsene Wenger during the club’s slump in form between February and April.

Fans also hired planes to pull banners above stadiums. It’s not uncommon to hear chants about wanting Stan Kroenke to get out of Arsenal from the travelling support.

The AGM did not help club-fan relations one bit, as Keswick was dismissive of many of the fans’ questions and complaints. The gathered shareholders voted against the re-appointment of Keswick and Josh Kroenke to the Arsenal board, in what was a symbolic show of dissent.

At this rate, Smith’s concerns about fan anger reaching fever pitch could be justified.