Alan Shearer feels Arsenal fans will be frustrated with their win over Tottenham, due to the team’s mixed performances this season.

The Match of the Day pundit feels that while Arsenal’s performance against Tottenham was excellent, the lack of consistency will annoy fans.

“I’m not an Arsenal fan and they frustrate me so they must frustrate the hell out of their own supporters,” he said, as reported by the Mirror. “They can perform like that and they have shown that.

“They were the much, much better team and that is why they are so frustrating as a team. They can perform like that and should do it more often.”

There is some truth to what he’s saying. The win over Tottenham felt fantastic and any other wider implications were ignored as fans just revelled in the victory.

Arsenal, though, have put in excellent performances like that in the past but have failed to find the consistency afterwards. It would be just typical for the team to go to Burnley on Saturday and perform poorly.

They seem to reserve their best performance for when the world is really against them, in my opinion. The build-up to the Tottenham game showed dogged focus on the ‘power shift’ and how much better Spurs were, so that would have fired the Gunners up.

That same fire might not exist for games against Burnley or Huddersfield. The knives will be back out again should we not win at against the Clarets. In the meantime, we’re just going to enjoy the win over Tottenham.