According to the Turkish press, Mesut Ozil has informed Fenerbahce that he’ll most likely be signing for Manchester United at the end of the season.

OK, then….

Sabah claim that Ozil has rebuffed Fenerbahce’s approach and informed the Turkish side that he wants to stay in the Premier League. United have allegedly tempted him with a ‘huge offer’ so the playmaker reportedly says that’s where he’ll probably end up.

Reportedly, reportedly, reportedly.

“Thanks for your offer but I really want to stay in the Premier League,” he supposedly told Fenerbahce. “Manchester United have a huge offer for me, I’ll probably be transferred there.”

In case you haven’t worked it out yet, you should take this ‘quote’ with a truck-load of salt.

The reason behind Ozil’s apparent change of mind is still unknown

Sabah claims it came from Fenerbahce officials, who have supposedly passed on Ozil’s comment.

Therefore, even if the 29-year-old did say something vaguely close to this in private, it’s gone through at least two other people to get to print. And that’s a huge ‘if’ to begin with.

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Ozil has under a year left on his contract and while reports have recently linked him with a move to United in order to reunite with former Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho. Barcelona are also rumoured to want to sign him in January.

I imagine that if he’s definitely off, Arsenal would much prefer he signs for the Catalans than a rival.

The reason behind Ozil’s apparent change of mind, considering he was insisting that he wanted to stay at the beginning of the season, is still unknown.

While the media would have us believe it’s because he wants extortionate wages, I have a hard time believing that this is the entire problem.