Arsene Wenger was a bit upset after Sunday’s 3-1 defeat to Manchester City, and his comments seem to have upset the Sky Blues, according to latest reports.

Arsenal were well-beaten on Sunday by both Manchester City and the officials. Arsene Wenger made his feelings about the standard of refereeing known after the game, where he accused Raheem Sterling of diving to win a penalty.

“I believe it was no penalty,” Wenger said. “It was a provoked penalty by Sterling. We know that he dives well – he does that very well.”

According to the Mirror, his comment hasn’t gone down well with the Manchester City hierarchy, who, of course, feel the complete opposite: Sterling is actually too honest and could have gone down more often.

It was an unusually harsh comment from Wenger, especially after he tried to sign Sterling in the summer. The standard of refereeing during the game evidently gave Wenger a convenient scapegoat for his team’s failings.


Arsenal were 2-0 down when they managed to find a way back into the game through Alexandre Lacazette. City, though, were able to restore their two-goal advantage when David Silva crossed from an offside position for Gabriel Jesus to tap-in.

It capped off a dire day for Arsenal, who were outplayed for much of the game and didn’t have much else going for them, not even luck.