Martin Keown has given his verdict on Arsenal’s controversial penalty, empathising with Burnley manager Sean Dyche who was annoyed at the decision.

Arsenal were awarded the penalty in the 92nd minute when James Tarkowski shoved Aaron Ramsey over in the penalty area. Burnley were upset with the decision as they felt Ramsey had exaggerated the contact.

Martin Keown could see where they were coming from, and admitted that you don’t see referees giving many penalties like that in modern football.

“For sure (there is a shove),” he said on Match of the Day 2, reports the Express. “You get hit in the back like that you don’t see referee’s giving them these days too often.

“I know why the manager is aggrieved in the way that he is. Burnley played exceptionally well today – they were playing for a chance to be in the top four. That’s how far this club have come.”

In the end, even a soft penalty is still a penalty. Had a Burnley player been shoved over in the Arsenal box like that, they would have been screaming for a spot-kick.

Rather than question the decision to award a penalty, perhaps people should ask Tarkowski why he needed to make contact with Ramsey in the first place.

Kevin Kilbane, who joined Keown as a pundit on Match of the Day 2, did feel it was a penalty, but felt that Ramsey exaggerated the contact.

“I do think it’s a penalty,” he said. “It’s one of those, it’s a soft one. He feels the contact, Aaron Ramsey, and he does throw himself to the ground. But I do think it’s a foul.

“Sean Dyche is right in saying that there has been pone or two of these controversial decisions that have affected the outcome of this game.”

Alexis Sanchez was able to convert the penalty and ensured Arsenal came away with a valuable three points. It hasn’t been easy on the road this season, so we’ll take the win however we can get it.