It seems that at least a few Arsenal fans want Wilfried Zaha to move to north London if the replies on the 25-year-old’s recent Twitter post are anything to go by.

Gooners have resorted to tweeting reported Arsenal target, Zaha, in what appears to be an attempt to try and convince him to come to the Gunners.

The 25-year-old was linked with a move to north London before he signed for Manchester United from Crystal Palace in 2013. And now that he’s been back down south for two years, we’re allegedly willing to give it another go. We’re even said to be willing to pay £35m for the winger.

Zaha has scored twice in five Premier League appearances and isn’t known for being a goal machine. However, some Arsenal fans seem pretty keen for him to sign for their club. Although, notably, a lot aren’t.

Zaha is a life-long Arsenal fan, so it might be nice to have someone at the club who genuinely wants to be there. Even if he might be a bit of a downgrade on Alexis. Especially if we sell Theo Walcott…

However, as we all know, footballers are going to do whatever they want. We made Alexis Sanchez a bloody Atom and Humber banner for the Emirates for God’s sake and he still wants to leave. Not that this apparently stops us from trying.

Here’s what Twitter had to say in response to his recent tweet, which, by the way, has nothing to do with Arsenal.