Lee Dixon doesn’t believe that this current Arsenal side have the right mentality.

Speaking recently, the Arsenal legend was brutally honest in his analysis of Arsene Wenger’s current side, explaining that George Graham built a foundation of strong players and the Frenchman continued to improve upon this. However, how the balance has gone in the wrong direction and we now have a squad of footballers who don’t have the right mindset to win the title.

“When Arsene came in he realised he had this base of what Arsenal was all about – and left it there,” Dixon said.

“It had been drilled into us for five or six years. We had this ethos. It was built on a back four that could play blindfolded.

“And it worked for Arsene – as it had for George – for a long period and helped win lots of trophies.

“But for whatever reason, whether it was modern football or that he couldn’t find players to replicate it, this has been lost over time.

“George managed and coached in one way. Arsene was totally different, allowing his players much more freedom.

“But that balance has flipped the wrong way – and that’s the bit which is not right.

“Regaining that balance is very difficult. It takes many years to get it in the first place and you can’t just rediscover it overnight.

“It takes a huge amount of effort and time to get players into thinking that way again.”

Lee Dixon
30 Dec 2000: Lee Dixon of Arsenal celebrates scoring Arsenals second goal during the match between Arsenal and Sunderland in the FA Carling Premiership at Highbury, London. (Shaun Botterill/ALLSPORT)

Dixon’s comments are similar to Ian Wright‘s. The former striker recently admitted that, unlike Graham’s team of the late 1980s and early 1990s, this current Arsenal side have no accountability.

They both have a point. How can we expect the players to fight for the club when they’re repeatedly told that a top four win is enough? Then, last season when we finished fifth, hardly any changes were made, indicating that we were in for more of the same.

Obviously, on one hand the players should be professional enough to always fight. They are athletes after all – they’re supposed to be competitive. On the other, you can understand why they’re so apathetic. Just look at how the fans are feeling this term.

Saying that, we don’t get paid almost £100k-per-week.