Garth Crooks says Mesut Özil should be playing for Tottenham, because their fans would appreciate the Arsenal and Germany playmaker more.

Ozil was man-of-the-match against Tottenham, playing a big part in the Gunners’ 2-0 win. His assist helped open the scoring, and he constantly forced Spurs back with his counter-attacks and creative play in possession, as well as tracking-back when required.

Garth Crooks was understandably impressed, but said the Arsenal fans should appreciate Özil more, reports the Express.

“I did not hear anyone from the Arsenal camp complaining about Mesut Ozil’s performance against Tottenham in the north London derby – no comments about him being lazy or not being a team player, playing for himself or not being interested,” he said.

“What I did see was Arsenal fans giving the player a standing ovation in appreciation of a wonderful performance by an extremely gifted footballer – and about time. I have said it before and I will say it again: Ozil should be playing for Tottenham, where he would be far more appreciated. Spurs fans would be giving him that ovation every week.”

It’s hard to deny the 29-year-old would be appreciated more at Tottenham, in the same way he’d be appreciated more at Crystal Palace or Everton. Playing for a smaller club is always going to get you more appreciation for the same output. However, I think Crooks is being too harsh on the Arsenal fans.

Although a minority do turn on the German at every opportunity, the percentage of fans that don’t support Ozil and want him to stay is far lower than the percentage of pundits that talk nonsense about him every week.

The majority of Arsenal fans know how good he is already, they don’t need telling. You can see it in the replies to most tweets from the Gunners’ number 11, where supporters beg him to stay and sign a new contract.

If he does stay, I’m sure even many of the doubters will get behind him.