Sol Campbell has given his view on how the USA should go about appointing their next manager.

The United States national team are currently without a manager following their failure to qualify for the World Cup.

While the search continues, Sol Campbell has decided to give them some advice, while also suggesting that he could take the role.

“I think there is a lot of soul-searching [for the U.S. to do],” he told ESPN.

“I think the main thing you’ve got to look at [with] America is where do they go now? They’ve invested a lot of money, and I think sometimes you’ve got to look in different areas. You can’t always look in the same places.

“Yes, they want to keep it local, and they want to keep as much in USA with the players and the staff, but sometimes you’ve got to open up. I think there’s guys around the world who could contribute. 

“Maybe not [people] on their hit list, maybe not on the paper list, maybe not on the agent’s list, but guys who probably could help them in different ways on the field: attack-wise, defence-wise.

“Who knows? If they came to me, maybe I could help them out. Who knows? But I think they have got to start looking in different directions.”

Campbell has been the assistant manager for Trinidad and Tobago for a short while. Besides that, he has no other coaching experience.

Given he has no real connection to US football or their national team, it’s rather strange for him to be giving advice or even putting his name forward for the job.

The former Arsenal defender has spoken about the difficulty of finding a job, and has claimed he would drop down to non-league football to get his start if he had to.

“It’s proving difficult and if I have to start at the bottom, I will,” he told the Guardian.

“People may think that I just want to manage in the Premier League but I’m prepared to go to a non-league club, and if they can’t pay me a salary just pay me a win bonus. I’m up for that.”

The fact that he hasn’t found a job rather undercuts his opinion about what the US national team should be doing next.

Campbell retired from football in 2011 following a brief spell with Newcastle United.

Before then, he had made a surprise return to Arsenal as emergency defensive cover in 2010.

He managed 14 more appearances to the club, bringing his total up to 211.