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That was the question posed in this month’s editorial meeting, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt that, never mind the answer, there was a problem with the question itself.

I don’t think we really know quite what we are demanding in the first place.

There are certainly a few schools of thought.


Can Arsene and success coexist?

Some fans want Arsène out at all costs, even if it doesn’t signal an uptick in fortunes – it’s not so much about improvement as change for change’s sake.

Others want a return to the “glory days” whether that’s with or without Wenger at the helm. For some, it’s mutually exclusive to hit the desired dizzy heights with our enduring manager in charge, while for others it’s simply a case of spending more money and bringing more people in alongside the Frenchman.

And then there’s the question of what we even see as the “glory days” – is it winning League and Cup doubles? Is it going a whole season unbeaten? Or is it mounting a serious challenge in Europe’s premier competition as we’ve only really done once back in 2006.

I was in Barcelona recently and the official Barca club shops were packed with merchandise bearing the slogan “Paris 2006” amongst their list of European successes. I could feel a small part of me die each time I walked past such an establishment, with the shadows of “what if”.

But I digress.

These are all similar questions one way or another, simply different ways of looking at the problem of getting back to the top of the domestic and continental game on a regular basis.

But there are also more philosophical considerations for some too.