Arsène Wenger is the fourth highest paid manager in the Premier League, according to reports.

With rumours of Jose Mourinho being in line for a new deal, talkSPORT put together a list of the highest paid managers in English football, which we’ve laid out for you below:

  1. Jose Mourinho – £250,000 a week
  2. Pep Guardiola – £250,000 a week
  3. Antonio Conte – £173,000 a week
  4. Arsène Wenger – £160,000 a week
  5. Jurgen Klopp – £135,000 a week
  6. Ronald Koeman – £115,000 a week
  7. Mauricio Pochettino – £105,000 a week
  8. Rafael Benitez – £95,000 a week
  9. Craig Shakespeare – £58,000 a week
  10. Slaven Bilic – £58,000 a week

So, as you can see, Mourinho is already the joint-highest paid manager in the league, before his rumoured new deal. In fairness, the Portuguese manager has always had a knack for going to clubs where he can spend tons of money and be paid massive amounts for the privilege. A situation Pep Guardiola is no stranger to either.

Antonio Conte won the league with Chelsea last year, so it makes sense that he’s high up the list. Then, Arsène Wenger is the most logical choice after that, given nobody below him has won any trophies at all with their current clubs (bar Benitez’s Championship title with Newcastle).

The supporters that want Wenger out will still say it’s too much, of course. But the reality is that when you’ve been in the same job for one of the world’s biggest clubs for more than 20 years, the pay-rises eventually add up.

Hopefully Wenger can earn his wage with another trophy this year.