Arsene Wenger has broken Sir Alex Ferguson’s record for Premier League clubs beaten after admittedly being written off following Arsenal’s Liverpool loss.

After Arsenal lost 4-0 to Liverpool on 27 August, Wenger admits that he knew everyone would write the Gunners off despite having only played three games at the time. However, he’s now gone on to beat Fergie’s record for Premier League teams beaten.

“I knew that after the game in Liverpool everybody would write us off and I knew it just depends on us, how much we respond,” Wenger said.

“Nothing is permanent. You’re not bad in a permanent way, if you can do something about it, and you’re not good in a permanent way, if you don’t keep your urgency.

“We responded in a united way and we have put some wins together and some good performances as well.”

Sunday marked 21 years since Wenger first became Arsenal manager, although the Frenchman insists that he didn’t know.

During that time, he’s beaten 45 Premier League teams.

Until this weekend, the 67-year-old had been victorious over 44 Premiership sides, which was the same amount as ex-Manchester United boss, Fergie. However, the 2-0 win against Brighton on Sunday saw him overtake his former rival.

This isn’t the first time that Wenger has broken a record set by Fergie. In fact, earlier this year, the boss became the longest-serving Premier League manager.

Wenger has now overtaken Fergie’s record of 7,582 days in charge of United in the top-flight.

While the Scot was named as United manager in 1986, this was more than five and a half years before the Premier League started in 1992.

Fergie retired in 2013, which has given Wenger the chance to catch up.