Arsene Wenger has given yet another stirring speech at an Arsenal Annual General Meeting, this time insisting he only has the club’s best interests at heart.

Wenger gave his annual speech in front of the Arsenal shareholders and select members of the press. Demonstrating his talent for public speaking once more, the Frenchman discussed the modern day focus on the present and how the past and the future can be forgotten in the process.

“I dedicate 99 per cent of my lifetime to try to make you happy. Looking at what happened today, it is not easy. My resolution and determination is stronger than ever,” he said, reports Football.London. “I feel a football club is about the past, present and the future In our game, the weight of the past and the weight of the future has been kicked out.

“The weight of the present has become heavier. The present is here and now. Win, or out. It’s acceptable, but I always guided this club with one idea. It is about values, values that have been created by the past. Arsenal is a highly-respected club not only because we won the last game but because we represent something that is exceptional.”

Following that, Wenger called on fans to support the team that he believes has a “huge desire” to do well. “I ask one thing: Be behind the team. We have a huge desire in the team to do well. And we have a chance.” Wenger then closed his speech claiming he will always love Arsenal and will always be a fan.

“No matter what happens one day I will always love this club forever and be an eternal fan.” The speech followed a symbolic protest from Arsenal’s minority shareholders not to re-appoint Sir Chips Keswick and Josh Kroenke to the board. Wenger has often had to deliver his speeches in trying circumstances due to the club’s fortunes off the pitch.

This time, he’s been able to speak following a victory. Arsene Wenger extended his contract with Arsenal until 2019 in the summer and will surely be giving yet another speech this time next year.