Sir Chips Keswick brought a swift end to the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, with shareholders still waiting to ask questions.

After the questions that had been sent in advance of the meeting had all been either answered or brushed over by the chairman, there came an opportunity for those attending to stand up and ask questions of their own, reports Football.London.

One question was asked by a shareholder who says she asks the same thing every year without getting a sufficient response. The question was: “will the board be looked at to change its make up?”

However, Sir Chips refused to answer, responding only by saying “thank you for your statement madam”, in reference to the fact that she was reading from a piece of paper. This drew a loud angry reaction from the other shareholders in attendance, who believed that he was avoiding what she was actually asking.

The discontent grew among those watching, and when answering the next question about whether Stan Kroenke would be speaking at the meeting, Sir Chips was interrupted by a heckler shouting: “he can’t, he’s dumb”.

Sir Chips then decided to bring the meeting to a halt, stating that the Kroenke issue was: “Not on the agenda. Read the Daily Telegraph today and you’ll find out. Ladies and Gentleman, I declare the meeting closed.”

This announcement was met with more boos and shouts from the audience, but since the board refused to answer any further questions, the shareholders had no choice but to pack up and go home, leaving a very bad impression on those in attendance:

Overall, it was an embarrassing end to the meeting, and one which further divided the fans and shareholders from Sir Chips and the board.