Mesut Özil showed off his London home in a video on his Instagram page.

As you’d expect from a professional footballer who is one of the stars of a Premier League team, Özil’s house isn’t too shabby, and in the video you get the chance to see exactly how he’s spent his Arsenal wages on the property.

Mesut has two Mercedes cars in the driveway, which Metro claim are about £130,000 each.

He also has a home cinema, which he’s using to play PES (unsurprisingly, given he has a sponsorship agreement with them), and a whole room just for his shoes. I guess if you’re a footballer, footwear is probably pretty important to you.

Even his dog gets a couple of seconds of screen time.

Mesut shows off some of his football skills in the garden, with the commentary from his goal against Manchester United in the background, a nice reminder for fans about which side he’s on after he’s been linked to a move to Manchester next summer.

Hopefully the caption “welcome to my home, welcome to London” shows that Mesut is happy where he is, in England’s capital city, and wants to stay a bit longer.