Matt Lucas says the only thing that makes him feel tribal is Arsenal, as a long time supporter of the club.

Lucas was speaking to The Jewish Chronicle on Friday, and when asked about his voting habits, the actor and comedian responded: “I haven’t always voted for the same party. I don’t like to be tribal. The only tribe I don’t mind being a part of is Arsenal.”

You pretty much have to be tribal when it comes to Arsenal, because the Gunners will regularly test your loyalty to breaking point. Recent results have emphasised that more than anything, with the team dropping out of the Champions League and getting three league defeats under their belt by mid-October. Lucas is clearly happy to be part of the Arsenal tribe despite the ups and downs.

The Little Britain star recently made an appearance at the Emirates stadium, speaking at half-time during the match on the Arsenal for Everyone day, when Arsenal faced Brighton on the 1st October. He was speaking as an ambassador for the Gay Gooners, Arsenal’s LGBTQ supporters group, after they unveiled their new banner at the stadium.

The Gay Gooners were the first LGBTQ fans group, and hold meet-ups before matches, gatherings to watch away games and regular social events. Matt Lucas said of the group in the past that he was “immensely proud of and grateful to the club” for supporting them and “young gay fans now feel included by the club in a way my generation never could” (via