Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne doesn’t think his team can go unbeaten for a whole season.

It happens every year.

One team goes a few games without losing and looks like they’ll run away with the title. It’s never enough to call them title contenders, though. They have to be the next Invincibles, too.

That’s the situation Manchester City find themselves in. 10 games into the Premier League season, they’ve won nine and drawn one. 35 goals have been scored, and only six conceded.

They’re looking ominously good.

Yet, Kevin De Bruyne, one of their star performers, was keen to distance them from the idea they could go the whole season without losing.

“To go unbeaten? Well, it’s very hard. I don’t think it will be possible,” De Bruyne said, as reported by Four Four Two.

“The level of competition is so high, in every team. It’s not like, with all respect, 10 or 15 years ago where you have a couple of teams that won’t win against the top teams.

“Now, every game is hard and you need to be mentally there. And with the Champions League and all the cups, there will be a game where maybe we are a little bit less and maybe lose. But as long as it keeps going, it’s good.

“Obviously, if you win a lot of games it’s good for us. You keep maintaining pressure. Hopefully we can have two good games this week and go into the international break unbeaten and it will mean we put a lot of pressure on the rest.”

City travel to Italy to play Napoli on Wednesday before facing Arsenal in the league on Sunday.

Arsenal will have the opportunity to protect their own record for another year, though will have to perform extremely well in order to do so.

They’re nine points ahead of us in the table and have barely looked flustered in the games they’ve played this season.

Meanwhile, we had to come from behind to win our last two league matches.

The odds will be against us on Sunday, but inflicting City’s first defeat upon them would feel very sweet.

[Edit: As for it being harder now to go unbeaten than it was 10 or 15 years ago, that must be why everybody was doing it back then…oh wait…]