Stan Kroenke loves Arsenal and has no plans of selling. Ever.

On the eve of what will prove to be another awkward Annual General Meeting, our American owner gave an interview reaffirming his commitment to the club.

Fans would rather see him pack up and leave, but going by his latest comments, that’s not going to be happening any time soon.

“Just go look at our history,” he told the Telegraph. “We get into these things to try to grow them. You don’t see us selling things. You just don’t. We are committed long-term.”

When asked if there was any chance of him selling, he said: “No. Absolutely not. That’s just not our model. I’m at a stage in life where…what good does that do? I love Arsenal, love being involved with Arsenal.”

Alisher Usmanov made a £1bn offer for Kroenke’s 67% stake in Arsenal last May, but was turned down. Kroenke then released a small but depressing statement about his long-term commitment to Arsenal.

There are fears among the Arsenal fans that the club will continue to go backwards and accept mediocrity with Kroenke in charge. The fears are based on the lack of success and investment in Kroenke’s other franchises.

There’s an expectation for him to invest some of his considerable wealth into Arsenal’s transfer budget and help the club return to the level it used to be at. His commitment and loyalty to Arsene Wenger is also regarded as an issue.

No matter how much Kroenke says he loves the club and wants them to succeed, doubts will continue to exist so long as he remains passive.