Ivan Gazidis had dinner with John W. Henry and the Glazer brothers in the States.

Arsenal’s chief executive was pictured dining with Liverpool owner John W. Henry and Manchester United owners, Avram and Joel Glazer.

We can only imagine what insidious schemes they were coming up with together.

The Daily Mail has one idea in mind. According to their report, they were discussing plans to convince the rest of the Premier League to redistribute overseas TV rights so that the top teams would receive a larger slice of the pie.

The proposal suggested that 35% of overseas TV revenue be distributed based on a club’s final league position. Hence, the top six, who are already richer than everyone else, would get even richer.

However, since then, the plans have been abandoned as the 20 Premier League clubs couldn’t reach an agreement.

Near the end of the report, just before details about what they ate and what the bill might have been, are explanations from the clubs about the meeting.

Arsenal reportedly said that Gazidis was there to see majority shareholder Stan Kroenke and discuss NFL meetings.

Given they chose such a public location to hold their meeting, one imagines the topic of their discussion wasn’t all that delicate.