Tottenham Hotspur are widely viewed as title contenders this season whereas Arsenal aren’t despite only being one point behind them in the Premier League. Why?

Spurs are currently just one point in front of the Gunners after losing 1-0 to Manchester United on Saturday. However, a week ago, outlets like the Metro were insisting that Mauricio Pochettino had proven their ‘title credentials’ after thumping Liverpool 4-1 at home.

If Tottenham are considered to still be in the title race, are Arsenal also?

The short answer is no. At least not from the media’s perspective. In fact, I’ve not seen a single pundit or journalist talk about Arsenal’s title hopes in a positive light. It’s just a given that Arsene Wenger will forever be fighting for fourth place. Spurs, however, are supposedly on the up blah blah blah power shift.

So, should Arsenal be considered in the title race? Again, in my opinion, no. Despite seemingly getting their heads in the game after our disastrous start to the campaign, we’re still inconsistent. We’ve proven that time and time again over the last few years and I don’t see that changing. In fact, Arsenal’s inconsistency is the only thing that’s consistent about them. How ironic is that?

However, I don’t think Spurs should be considered in the title race at the moment either. They’re third, fine, and probably stronger than Arsenal but Manchester City – and United to a lesser extent – are currently romping the Premier League.

Spurs have just lost to United.

I think, like Arsenal, Spurs’ best bet is a top-four finish this term.

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