Olivier Giroud wasn’t too proud to get his good looks touched up before France’s press conference.

Giroud had some foundation lightly applied and his beard groomed before going live in front of the press ahead of France’s 2018 World Cup qualifiers against Bulgaria and Belarus.

What’s more, the 31-year-old seemed quite happy to have his picture taken while doing so, proving that the striker is still rather comfortable with his famously dashing looks.

In all honesty, there are probably plenty of footballers who get come concealer applied to cover blemishes or powder to stop their face from shining under the harsh lights. TV presenters have it done and I’m sure most sportsman are the same, especially if they’re self-conscious.

The difference is, Giroud obviously doesn’t mind people observing while a beautician makes sure that every single beard hair is combed to perfection.

If I had the money to have someone follow me around with a hair brush all day, I know I would as well.

The striker’s set to make his 67th appearance for France against Bulgaria on Saturday 7 October. He’s already scored 27 goals for his country. However, he’s not found the back of the net since 9 June against Sweden.