Arsenal fans are understandably concerned about Stan Kroenke owning 97% of their club.

Rumour has it that Kroenke has offered Alisher Usmanov £525m for his 30.4% stake in Arsenal. If the American sports club own is successful in his bid, he’ll own 97% of the club and will be powerful enough to push out the remaining 3% owned by minority shareholders.

As a result, Arsenal could potentially become a privately owned company, which will mean that Kroenke can reduce the transparency in which the club operates at the moment.

Fans aren’t happy at all with many using Kroenke’s current sports teams as examples of why he shouldn’t be allowed to completely take over Arsenal.

Most recognise that Usmanov isn’t the answer either but allowing our current majority shareholder to take full control doesn’t seem like a good plan.

The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust (AST) for example, strongly oppose the idea, since they believe that our club’s fans are far too important to allow it to become owned by one person.

To Gooners, it often feels as if Kroenke is treating Arsenal as a play thing that he can experiment with and if he messes up, it doesn’t matter all that much ’cause he’s rich.

All most of us want is a board that genuinely cares about the club, not just for its financial clout but for its football.

As you can see from the following responses, fans are genuinely worried.