Eagle-eyed Arsenal fans have noticed that Aaron Ramsey has switched back from New Balance football boots to Adidas and are convinced that the change could help his form, but does it actually make a difference?

Rambo wore Adidas boots during the 2013/14 season. You know, when he scored 16 goals in 34 appearances and assisted 10?

However, in 2015, the midfielder changed to New Balance boots and he’s since seemed unable to replicate his past form.

The 26-year-old was snapped wearing his former Adidas footwear recently in training and while he wore his New Balance Visaros against Brighton, for Wales, he was back to Adidas, sparking excitement among the Arsenal fandom.

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But do Gooners actually have a reason to be excited? Do boots actually make a difference?

If you listen to what players actually say, apparently so. At least on a basic comfort level.

While I realise that these stars are being paid to wear certain brands and therefore they probably have to speak about the product in a certain way, it makes sense.

As Manchester United’s Chris Smalling once said, if you’re not comfortable in your boot, you’re not going to be comfortable on the pitch and as a result your form can suffer.

“They’re really important,” he said back in 2014. “We wear them every day in training and in matches so if you don’t feel comfortable in them then we’re not going to feel as confident on the pitch. They range massively, especially nowadays.”

However, that’s just a basic requirement you’d expect from any football boot. I highly doubt Rambo only scored once in the Premier League last season because his footwear was chafing.


Footballers’ boots are made of light-weight material using cutting-edge technology but most reckon this is just a gimmick designed to get regular football enthusiasts to part with massive amounts of cash.

So, this means that boots actually don’t really make a difference… Or does it?

I believe they could. Psychologically.

We’ve all seen footballers doing a little hop because they stride out onto the pitch, touching the grass, or even praying.

Mesut Ozil had to put his boots on in a specific order and lace them in a certain way. Although goodness knows what he does now he tends to wear the laceless Adidas ACE17+ Pure Control boots.

While many don’t agree with superstitious tendencies, if you think back, I bet most people will have had a lucky pair of underwear, jewellery or ritual during their life.

For all we know, Rambo may be looking back to the time when he wore those Adidas boots compared to his current New Balances. He might be remembering how they felt on his feet and thinking about how much better he played back then. He wants to recreate it.

In turn, this belief could affect his confidence and mean he plays better. He managed an assist for Wales against Georgia, after all.

It may not make a difference physically, although we all have certain clothing items we prefer, but mentally it could be a biggie.