Calum Chambers says his footballing heroes as a child were David Beckham and Ronaldinho, but now he looks up to players like Sergio Ramos.

The centre-back has just committed his future to the Gunners with a new contract, although he hasn’t had much of a chance to prove himself on the pitch due to a couple of injuries.

Chambers took advantage of the break from football to chat to, telling them all about the players he used to idolise when he was younger. He explained: “I looked up to David Beckham when I was a kid because I played right wing, so I looked up to the way he played and I liked his style.

“I’d also have to say Ronaldinho because he’s an amazing player, a legend and the skills he used to do were just amazing to watch. I’d try them in the garden and I’d never pull them off, but it was still loads of fun.

“In football (now), I’d also have to say Sergio Ramos. He’s captain of Real Madrid and Spain, I like his style of play, he uses the ball well and he’s also aggressive. Those are attributes I like to have and put in my game. Those are the people who I say are my sporting heroes and people I respect.”

Perhaps it’s a little strange to hear a centre-back say that his footballing heroes were Ronaldinho and David Beckham, but the Arsenal man wasn’t moved to the back until he joined the Gunners, and played much of his early career on the right-hand side.

In fact, it’s still the position where he’s played the majority of his matches. Also, most people his age probably dreamed of being Beckham or Ronaldinho at some point, it’s only natural.

The pair had great reputations on the pitch, but were also big celebrities, with Ronaldinho featuring on the cover of the FIFA video game series on five different occasions, and Posh and Becks being the celebrity couple of the early 2000s.

For his career now, it’s probably better that Chambers is focusing on someone like Ramos, in my opinion, as that will give him a style to emulate and hopefully improve his game.