Craig Burley and Alejandro Moreno think Arsène Wenger should be sacked by Arsenal and Jurgen Klopp brought in from Liverpool.

The pair were speaking on ESPN and were asked which manager they would sack if they had the chance. Burley said: “Arsène Wenger. Not because Arsenal are doing worse than I thought they were, but just because his time’s up, I think for that club,” reports the Express.

Meanwhile former MLS forward Moreno agreed, and threw Jurgen Klopp into the mix as well, saying: “I would say Arsene Wenger on principle and Jurgen Klopp better be watching because if I was making the decision I would be saying ‘look, I want to see improvement, I haven’t seen improvement with this team’.”

It’s not clear to me exactly what ‘principle’ Moreno is referring to when he says that he’d pick Wenger to lose his job. Perhaps he means because the Frenchman has been in the job for longer than anyone else, but that seems an odd reason to sack someone on its own.

When it comes to performance on the field, of course Arsenal finished outside the top-four for the first time in many years, last season. The Gunners still won a trophy at the end with an FA Cup final win over Chelsea, but for many that wasn’t enough to merit a new contract for the Frenchman.

This season, there have been some mixed showings so far. Against Liverpool, Arsenal were dreadful. Against Watford and Stoke, the Gunners could count themselves a bit unlucky, but still had plenty of time and chances to put the game beyond the reach of their opposition.

Other than that, results have been very good. But for Burley and Moreno, it seems those losses are indicative of a wider problem, of which Wenger is the cause.