Darren Bent agrees with Ian Wright that Theo Walcott should think about moving on from the Gunners.

After an average performance against Championship side Norwich City in the League Cup, Theo Walcott wasn’t winning many plaudits from pundits covering the game.

Darren Bent was appearing on Sky Sports’ The Debate, and said that Walcott could benefit from a transfer at this stage, reports the Express.

“The freshness of a move somewhere else might be perfect for him. He’s been there for a long, long time now and I’m not quite sure how much more he can improve while he’s there.

“But you never know, sometimes you can go somewhere else with new surroundings and, all of a sudden, you can kick on again. Maybe that’s what he needs.”

Walcott joined the Gunners as a 16-year-old, and is now 28, so it’s hard to see him surprising anyone at this stage.

His goal-scoring has improved in recent years, and in 2016/17 he scored 19 goals in all competitions, just two off his best ever season of 21.

But when he’s not scoring, I’d argue his impact on the game becomes minimal, there’s not much sense that he’s still running things behind-the-scenes like some other players.

So maybe he could go somewhere else, to a team that plays to his strengths. A team that is looking for someone to help finish off their quick counter attacks, rather than Arsenal, who often want him to link up play in tight areas.

If the English international can continue to score at a similar rate to last season, then he’s still a useful option to have around for the Gunners, but perhaps being an option isn’t what’s best  at this stage. That’s up for him to decide.