Hector Bellerín thinks every player has to chip in with a goal or assist from time to time, and he’s glad that Monreal is doing that at the moment.

Ignoring one ill-advised back-pass in the closing minutes of Arsenal’s 5-2 win over Everton, Monreal has been fantastic for the last month and a half, after a tough start to the season. As well as being one of Arsenal’s top performing defenders, Nacho has started to get involved with the goals when required as well.

Bellerín has a lot of praise for his Spanish counterpart, telling the Arsenal website: “That’s Nacho! I think he’s doing really well this year.

“It’s a bit of a change in position for him, but I think it suits him a lot and now that he’s got all the experience he’s got, he’s started scoring goals. So I’m really happy for him.

“He’s just a very cool guy, not like the normal footballer that people think of. A very good professional who takes care of himself a lot and it shows on the pitch.

“I think every player at the club has to be at that level and has to be able to score, able to assist and play well. It hasn’t been me today, but it will come for sure.”

Hector also had a couple of chances to get involved in the goals at Goodison Park. He caught one shot nicely which ended up going straight at Pickford, another went just wide of the post, and he put in a good cross that Alexis headed narrowly off-target. If he keeps that up, then, like he said, the goals will come.

For Monreal, goals are coming more often than ever. If you exclude Nacho’s season in the Spanish third division with Osasuna B 12 years ago, this is already the Spanish international’s best goalscoring season, as he’s never managed two goals in a season throughout his career.

As Monreal is only 11 matches into 2017/18, hopefully we can expect a few more before the end of the campaign, especially if he continues to finish as clinically as he did on Sunday.