Bellerín: I miss the sun, the food and my family back in Spain

Hector Bellerín and Nacho Monreal took part in a rapid fire Q&A on the Arsenal YouTube channel, where they talked about a number of topics from football to cartoons.

The pair asked each other all kinds of questions in the video, and one of the questions Nacho asked was what Bellerín misses most when he is away from home. Perhaps it was telling that Hector answered in terms of being away from his home in Spain, rather than his home in England, so he clearly doesn’t think of London as his true home.

Bellerín responded: “The weather. The food a little bit as well, and the family of course. But I need the sun, and here we’re not getting much. I’ve been here for a long time so I’m used to it and I love it here but there’s always going to be little things that you’re gonna miss.”

It sounds like Hector doesn’t have a major problem with making a few small sacrifices to remain with the Gunners in England, but ideally he’d be most comfortable back home. Hopefully that’s something he won’t act on until after his career is over.

Meanwhile, Nacho revealed that he used to be a striker when he was younger. Hector said he scored a lot of goals as a youngster, and asked Nacho: “Probably it was the same for you, when you were young and you were the best player in your team?”

Nacho answered: “Yeah, I was a striker. One season, over 30 goals.”

After Monreal’s finish against Brighton recently, maybe supporters will be more inclined to believe this claim, although Nacho has never had his name on the score-sheet particularly often.

If the Spaniard scores one goal between now and the end of the season, he’ll beat his best season’s tally since 2005/06, as he’s never scored more than one goal in a year since that campaign (when he managed a grand total of three).

You can watch the rest of the Q&A in the video below: