Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal apparently have the best food in the Premier League at their home grounds.

ESPN Brazil reporter, Joao Castelo-Branco, has highlighted Chelsea, City and Arsenal’s stadium food as the best in the Premier League, which is good to know. Glad to hear the club’s money is being spent well… I kid, I kid.

“I’ve been to almost every stadium in the Premier League and there are definitely three highlights in regards to the food they serve: Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea,” he said.

The Gunners do, however, lose points for not serving beer when the Brazilian isn’t working. Chelsea do so they rank the best, in his opinion.

“City and Arsenal release beer after the game, but because I can never enjoy that part, because I work late and finish when it’s all closed, I’ll point to Chelsea as the best in this game [for] the quality and variety of food,” Castelo-Branco added.

Despite Old Trafford being one of the most famous stadiums in the world, Castelo-Branco was not impressed by their poor selection of food, saying, “The food is always poor, poor quality and little choice. A fifth category buffet.”

Alright, Simon Cowell.

Obviously, the journo is reporting on his experiences as a member of the press at these stadiums. Visitors get a very different menu from us peasants with our burgers, hot dogs and fish ‘n’ chips. They probably get lager that’s above about 1% as well. Lucky devils.

When it comes to the type of grub regular fans are served, it’s a very different story.

A study conducted by ‘Life of Pies’ author Martin Tarbuck and the Pierate pie review system on behalf of Coral in April found last West Brom have the best food. Well, pies.