Arsenal are the best club in the Premier League when it comes to bringing young players up to the first team and sticking with them.

Over the last decade, Arsenal have statistically been the best club in the Premier League at bringing their youth players through to the ranks.

According to stats from bwin, the 21 Young Guns who have progressed through the ranks at Arsenal over the last 10 years have totalled 934 minutes.

They average around 44 appearances each and even if they’ve moved on, like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for example, they’ve played 73.4% of their total matches for the Gunners. Although, this makes sense if, like Kieran Gibbs, they’ve only just moved on having spent a large chunk of their career in north London.

Aaron Ramsey tops the leader board for the 10 youth players who have stayed put the longest. The midfielder, who netted his 50th Arsenal goal on Saturday, has made 217 appearances for the Gunners.

Gibbs (137) and the Ox (132) come seventh and ninth respectively.

Arsenal are renowned for their strong academy and faith in their youth system. Arsene Wenger also has a reputation for giving youngsters a chance in League Cup games and now the Europa League.

The latest example of this is Eddie Nketiah, who Chelsea decided not to offer a scholarship in 2015 despite the striker having been at the club for seven years.

Wenger brought Eddie on in the 85th minute against Norwich in the Carabao Cup on Tuesday and the 18-year-old scored a brace to win the match. The teenager’s next step will be to make his Premier League debut.