Pep Guardiola claims that Raheem Sterling was never part of the deal for Alexis Sanchez and admits that he doesn’t know if Manchester City will return for the Chilean.

While Guardiola says that City are interested in signing Alexis, he doesn’t know for sure whether the Blues will return for the 28-year-old in the January transfer window.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in the wintertime or next season,” the Spaniard said.

“He’s an Arsenal player.

“Of course we were interested in him but at the end Arsenal decided not to sell him. So, all the best for Alexis.”

The former Barcelona boss also claimed that Sterling was never part of the deal.

“They talked to me and I said, ‘No chance, zero chance, not one per cent chance to make a swap with Alexis and Raz’,” Pep said, referring to Sterling by his nickname.

“He is 22, English. He has a lot to improve but I trust a lot in him.

“The only deal, if possible, was cash. We tried to make an offer.

“They accepted but in the end they could not sign the player they wanted to sign so Alexis stayed in Arsenal.”

During the final couple of days of the transfer window, rumours emerged that Arsenal had asked for Sterling-plus-cash for Alexis, which now appears to be true.

However, City denied the requested, instead allegedly offering £60m for the Chile international.

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While Arsenal were said to have agree to allow their star player to leave, they first had to find his replacement. The Gunners returned to Monaco for Thomas Lemar, making a £92m bid, which was apparently accepted.

However, the 21-year-old decided to stay in France.

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that he’ll return for Lemar with reports insisting that this will happen whether Alexis stays or goes.

The likelihood of the forward going is pretty high. However, for the moment, he stays in north London.