Charlie Nicholas says that Tottenham Hotspur fans will give Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere credit for his determination to battle back from endless injuries, despite the two sides being bitter rivals.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Nicholas claimed that Wilshere has shown a lot of fight to keep coming back from his set-backs, and that even Tottenham fans would have to concede that.

He said: “For the first time in a long time I think the signs are swaying towards him getting first-team football again and earning a role in Arsène Wenger’s squad.

“Even Tottenham fans would have to acknowledge he’s shown remarkable determination to bounce back again and he’s got too much talent for Arsenal to give up on him.”

For me, Wilshere is definitely one of the players in the Arsenal midfield with the most raw talent. His constant anti-Tottenham agenda may rub rival fans up the wrong way, however.

But to still be in contention of first-team football at a club such as the Gunners after so many years of injuries is something to be admired.

If the 25-year-old can get back to his very best and continue to complete matches as he did against Doncaster, then it would be difficult to leave him out of the first-team.

Wilshere has shown remarkable determination to be so keen to get back playing again. You sometimes get the impression that the 25-year-old needs to be held back by Wenger, however, as it seems like he always wants to start based on his posts on Instagram.

Now it’s just about staying fit.