Arsenal can go on a run now, according to Danny Murphy. But only if the team show up in the same way they did against Chelsea.

Speaking in the Evening Standard, Danny Murphy said that he expects the Gunners to beat West Brom in Monday night’s match as well, but again only if the team match the performance against Chelsea.

Murphy said: “If Arsenal can go into games with the same mentality they showed against Chelsea, then I think they might go on a little run. 

“I was gobsmacked by their performance because they looked like a team who worked hard on their shape, worked hard for each other and they looked like a unit who wanted to dig out a result. 

“If they match that performance, they will beat West Brom. But if they go back to the normal Arsenal way and think they can just outplay everyone, they are in for a tough game.”

In my opinion, Tony Pulis‘ sides tend to be the ones Arsenal try to outplay, and as a result mostly fail against. If the Gunners play like they did against Chelsea, in a disciplined manner, then the worst-case scenario should be the same result as the one against the Blues.

But given the team were unlucky not to score, they would be extremely hard done by not to get a win again on Monday with a similar performance.

Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil will be available, meaning the pair could both play with Alexandre Lacazette for the first time. It seems crazy the three star players haven’t all been on the pitch together once by late September.

Essentially it should just be a case of living up to expectations against West Brom and for the next few games. But I’ve found that’s when Arsenal are most likely to mess things up.