Alexis Sanchez seems to be trying to come up with new ways of winding up Arsenal fans.

During Arsenal’s Monday night clash against West Brom, despite only being 1-0 ahead at the time, Alexis decided that showboating was the answer.

In the 52nd minute, the Chilean thought that doing keepie-uppies near the left touchline was an appropriate thing to do.

It wasn’t. Jay Rodriguez took the ball from him and Arsenal fans were left rolling their eyes.

The 28-year-old was dispossessed four times, which was more than any other player, during the match against the Baggies, which Arsene Wenger’s side won 2-0 in the end thanks to Alexandre Lacazette. And the forward’s bad attitude hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Despite Wenger and others insisting that Alexis would be nothing other than completely professional after his £60m move to Manchester City fell through on the final day of the transfer window, the Chile international has been anything but.

He’s been sulky and even more wasteful, which hasn’t exactly made him any more likeable to Arsenal fans. Although maybe that’s why he’s doing it.

As someone who’s been critical of Alexis’ behaviour in the past (remember when he threw a strop and sat on the floor when he was subbed off for Danny Welbeck against Swansea last season?), I’m glad that other fans are steadily beginning to notice that he’s not all he’s cracked up to be.

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