Former Sutton goalkeeper, Wayne Shaw, has learned his fate following pie-gate.

The FA have fined Shaw £375 and banned the ex-Sutton goalie from playing football for two months after he was charged with having intentionally influenced betting markets during his club’s fifth-round FA Cup clash against Arsenal last season.

“Wayne Shaw has been fined £375 and immediately suspended from all football and all football-related activity for two months after he was charged in relation to a breach of FA Rules,” read an FA statement.

“It was alleged the former Sutton United goalkeeper intentionally influenced a football betting market during the FA Cup Fifth Round tie against Arsenal on Monday, February 20, 2017, contrary to FA Rule E5(a).

“The charge, which he denied, was found proven following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing today.”

Wayne Shaw stood down from his role as Sutton goalkeeper after being ‘caught’ eating a pie on the bench during an FA Cup match against the Gunners in February.

Most wrote the incident off as the 45-year-old just trying to get some extra attention or having a ‘bit of banter’. However, after a Gambling Commission investigation following Sun Bet’s revelation that a five-figure sum had been placed on the 8/1 bet, the FA decided to charge Shaw.

“A few of the lads said to me earlier on: ‘What is going on with the 8-1 about eating a pie?’ I said: ‘I don’t know, I’ve eaten nothing all day, so I might give it a go later on,’” he said. “Sun Bets had us at 8-1 to eat a pie. I thought I would give them a bit of banter and let’s do it. All the subs were on and we were 2-0 down.

“I went and got it at half time from the kitchen, I had it all prepared and ready to go. It was meat and potato.”

It’s hardly the most controversial incident in world football, so it’s understandable that the FA went pretty easy on him.

Shaw claims after the incident that his teammates had seen the bet before the game and, in the name of fun, the goalkeeper decided to have a snack on the bench.

Obviously, the fact that someone mysteriously won a five-figure sum makes it seem a little more serious than just a joke and Shaw’s surely learned his lesson.