Former Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby has insisted that he’s not given up on football yet, and has no plans to retire. He says he wants to work on his body to prepare for a January move to a new club.

Diaby returned from injury towards the end of last season, but it came too late for Marseille to consider giving him a new deal, and as a result, he fell out of contract.

Speaking to Canal Football Club, Diaby said that he initially thought that he might retire, and as a result his fitness levels fell so they’re not quite at the standard required by a professional team.

However, now he’s changed his mind, telling the French channel: “I’ve thought about it, but my conclusion is that I want to work, to rehabilitate myself and to play football again.

“I’m going to start my preparation work, I’ve got three or four months in front of me and I’m going to work to my core to get my body back to the level it should be.”

He never managed to put together a good run for Marseille, only making six appearances over the two seasons in France, but it was a similar story for Arsenal.

In 2008/09 and 2009/10, the midfielder made 36 and 40 appearances respectively. But after an injury, the next season cut his game time in half. He never really got back in the side after that.

For the rest of the campaign, Diaby couldn’t put four league games together, and for the next four years he didn’t even make 20 appearances in all competitions.

Hopefully he can still find his way back for a season or two, given he’s still only 31 years old, but at this point it’s finding a club willing to take a chance.