A study into Arsenal’s away record against the top six has revealed which players are the “most responsible” for our poor run.

In case you haven’t heard, Arsenal have a miserable record against the Premier League’s top six away from home.

While we can beat the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham at home, we tend to lose when we play them away.

There are many reasons for that, but a study by Grosvenorsport (via The Mirror) has simplified things by identifying the players “most responsible” for those defeats.

To put it another way, they identified which players had appeared the most during the run and have blamed it all on them.

Firstly, there’s Arsenal overall record.

In our last 25 visits to the top six, we have won twice, drawn seven, and lost 16. We’ve scored 28 goals, and have shipped 57.

All in all, not a good record.

After the 0-0 draw at Chelsea, that record now stands at played 26, won two, drawn eight, and lost 16.

The six players to appear the most during that time are: Olivier Giroud (25), Laurent Koscielny (25), Nacho Monreal (19), Danny Welbeck (17), Aaron Ramsey (16) and Francis Coquelin (15).

In other words, the players who have been at Arsenal longest have appeared the most in the game that we’ve lost.

I daresay this isn’t a huge revelation that needed to be studied…