Arsenal have set up a new programme called “Arsenal Innovation Lab” that aims to work with startup organisations to help move the club’s business going forward.

The innovation lab was announced on the Arsenal website, where applications are open for startups to apply for the ten-week programme. Arsenal’s CCO Vinai Venkatesham said: “We know there are many brilliant startup companies with creative and innovative ideas and we are looking forward to working with them.

“The club has always placed a big emphasis on being pioneering and innovative and we plan to continue this by working with smart-thinking businesses to help us identify ground-breaking ideas to take us forwards.”

The main areas of focus are improving the matchday experience at the Emirates, engaging fans on a global scale, improving commercial partnerships and the retail operation, as well as any other wildcard ideas that people may have.

Arsenal could do with the help, if I’m being honest.

The matchday experience is largely based on the fans who attend, but more could be done to help the atmosphere and the club really hasn’t tried very much since 2006 when the stadium opened.

The Gunners are doing better globally with the pre-season tours and so on, but the commercial side is really falling behind many of the other big clubs at the top. Other clubs have shirt sleeve sponsors, multiple drinks sponsors, sponsors on almost every aspect of the game.

Arsenal, on the other hand, seem to have run down deals like the Citroën car deal, and then not replaced them.

If this new programme can help to solve some of these issues then it’d be a much needed and welcome boost.