Arsenal fans are already planning new anti-Wenger protests just three league games into Arsène’s new contract, according to reports.

The Evening Standard has spoken to some Arsenal fans who plan to be part of the latest set of protests. The protesters freely admitted that they would be “rubbing Wenger’s face in his failures” and they said to the Standard: “We always expected we would have to protest again. We have been planning for it.

“He is going to leave in ignominy eventually. We don’t think Stan Kroenke will listen to us, so we’ll protest to get us an owner who will.”

They’ve also reportedly prepared a new banner for future matches, saying: “Arsene: it’s not the fans; it’s not the press; it’s not the players; it’s you.”

The banner is presumably a response to Arsène’s comments last season about the lack of respect from some portions of the Arsenal fanbase, as well as his most recent comments that the media “work very hard to get the fans on our (Arsenal’s) back”.

Regardless of the reasons for the protests and the banners, it looks like this season is set to be yet another of fan division and anger at a game that is supposed to be for our entertainment.

Whether Wenger is the right man for the job or not, the idea of planning to be ready to rub someone’s face in their mistakes as soon as they make them is not a healthy way to support a football club.

However, the protesters clearly think that whatever they need to do to get Arsène to leave will be worth it when the club is able to move onto new things. Personally I doubt we’ll get to find out for a while, it’s been 21 years since Arsène joined, most likely he’ll see out this new contract in the same way as he’s seen out all the others.