Anthony Taylor is set to referee Arsenal’s match against Bournemouth, which most fans are probably not too happy about.

Taylor has had a bad reputation with the Arsenal fans ever since the penalty and red card he awarded in Arsenal’s 3-1 loss to Aston Villa. This reputation was further damaged when a confrontation with Arsène Wenger last season resulted in a four-match ban for the Gunners’ boss.

Anthony Taylor was just a fourth official for that match, between Arsenal and Burnley, but against Bournemouth he’ll be in charge of proceedings.

So should Arsenal fans be worried?

According to the stats, no.

Anthony Taylor has refereed 21 Arsenal matches, and the Gunners have won 13 of them, a win rate of 62%. Taylor has only refereed two Arsenal losses, meaning less than 10% of those 21 games.

In fact, Arsenal haven’t lost a game with Taylor in charge since 2014.

The Gunners have received three red cards in matches refereed by Taylor, but all of them have been through second yellows, so there are certainly refs with worse Arsenal records out there.

Since that loss in 2014, Arsenal have beaten Chelsea twice, Manchester United 3-0, Liverpool 4-1 and drawn with Manchester City 2-2, all with Taylor as referee.

Essentially, much as most of us still want to hold a grudge against him for the Aston Villa game and the Burnley incident, Arsenal shouldn’t be using the referee as an excuse not to win against Bournemouth.