Former Chile u20 coach Jose Sulantay believes Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez will have serious problems after failing to complete his deadline day move to Manchester City.

Sulantay, who also recently claimed that Alexis Sanchez was “fat” after his holiday, told La Cuarta that Alexis’ physical condition wasn’t the only problem facing him when he returns to England.

The coach claims the rumoured Manchester City move will affect the player, saying to ESPN: “Alexis was more worried about his situation at Arsenal (than the Chile match) and now that he wasn’t transferred, he will have serious problems.

“He brushed off his teammates by saying that he wanted to go to a club that won things and now he has to return there. If he doesn’t perform, the English press will break him just as they did with Claudio Bravo and the teammates can turn their backs on him.”

The 28-year-old will probably will be under extra scrutiny and pressure as a result of all the speculation over the summer and the fact that he still hasn’t signed a new deal with the Gunners.

His teammates may have some hard feelings about the fact that Alexis seems so keen to abandon them, but that’s unlikely to last long given that he is still in North London for the rest of the season and is one of Arsenal’s key players on the pitch.

The transfer window is closed, so the only thing that Alexis and the rest of the squad can do is go out onto the pitch and try and win matches. That’s unlikely to stop the English press from turning on him if he doesn’t perform, however, as Sulantay points out.

We’ve seen it plenty of times in the past and there’s no reason why the media would stop now.