Alan Brazil thinks that Arsène Wenger’s reported pursuit of Raheem Sterling is illegal tapping up, and that the Arsenal boss should just get on with the season.

The Mirror claimed earlier in the week that Arsenal could move again to try and bring Raheem Sterling in for Alexis Sanchez in January, if the Chilean ends up leaving the club for Manchester City. In response to the news, Alan Brazil asked on talkSPORT (via Daily Star): “Is that not tapping up?

“The window’s shut now so we shouldn’t be talking about this until January, should we? And Arsene Wenger’s always winging about tapping up. You know it’s illegal, it’s a joke. You should just get on with it. If you’re Sterling, how do you feel if you’re Sterling?”

From the way Brazil is going on you’d think that Wenger wrote the article in The Mirror himself.

There’s certainly not even a hint of tapping up from what we heard went on in the summer window. Manchester City came in for Alexis, Arsenal responded by saying they wanted Sterling in return, and as far as we know that’s as far as it went. No talks were held with Sterling himself, therefore no possibility of tapping up.

So Brazil’s comments must be solely based on the latest rumours that Arsenal may go back in for Sterling in January. But it’s not as though Arsène Wenger himself has come out and said he wants to buy Raheem, it’s just a report without a source.

The idea that Arsenal might be guilty of tapping up Sterling after talking to the club directly and thinking about trying again in January is bizarre. Not to mention the fact that Brazil made no reference to City potentially tapping up Alexis, even though Bravo has been openly talking in the media about Alexis joining them in the future.

But this is what we’ve come to expect from talkSPORT presenters.