With an increasing amount of football fans demanding scores, stats and fixture information as soon as possible, we take a look at some of the best football apps out there.

Whether you’re just looking for clear-cut reporting on the current scores, personalised notifications, stats or betting, there’s an app out there for every football fan.

Here are our favourites.

Sky Sports’ Football Score Centre

While it might seem like an obvious answer, the Sky Sports’ football app, Football Score Centre, allows fans to select which team they support or want to follow, will send alerts and also lets you view the scores of other football matches going on around the world.

Whether it’s an international clash or lower league cup game, it has you covered. Plus it’s free on iTunes and Google Play.

My only criticism is that it doesn’t include women’s football fixtures, which would be massively helpful as well as inclusive.


You may already be aware of Transfermarkt‘s helpful website but did you know they’ve also got a free app?

With this app, you can access the kind of information that the site gives you but at the touch of a button.

Transfermarkt specialises in – surprise, surprise – transfer information, such as fees, incomings and outgoings. However, it also shares news and handy stats, such as minutes played, goals scored and info on injuries.

Available on iTunes and Google Play.

Bet365 mobile

If you like to chuck a few quid on your favourite football team to win at the weekend, it’s now easier than ever. Bet365 have their own app, Bet365 mobile, which allows you to view the latest odds and place a bet at the touch of a button.

It takes the hassle out of walking down the bookies and means you and your mates can bet from the comfort of your own living room, the stadium or of course the pub.


This interesting little app allows you to find the nearest pub playing the football match of your choosing.

While it may sound like something you won’t use, it’s pretty handy when you’re in North Wales trying to find who’s showing Chelsea v Arsenal on a Sunday afternoon. Trust me.

Oh and it’s free on iTunes and Google Play.

Forza Football

While many of us are still in mourning over Four Four Two’s Statszone no longer being available, Forza Football is just as handy.

Forza Football not only updates you with scores, stats and news, it also allows you to watch highlights.

The free app is also pretty interactive. You can vote on key issues surrounding your club and answer polls.

With so much choice out there, we’ve really got no excuse to be out of the loop, have we?

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