Wenger: Bergkamp is the most skillful player I’ve ever worked with

Arsene Wenger has chosen Dennis Bergkamp as the most skillful player he’s ever worked with.

In a genuinely funny video for Arsenal’s sponsors, Emirates, Per Mertesacker and Wenger took part in a quickfire question round.

Naturally, the bulk of the questions are to do with air travel, but once you get past these it’s actually a good little interview.

During the video, Wenger reveals that Bergkamp is probably the most skillful football player he’s ever worked with.

He also claims that the last book he read, which he can’t remember the name of, was on philosophy, Lukas Podolski has the hardest shot of anyone he’s ever managed, and that he’d like to sit next to Barack Obama on an 11-hour flight, if he had the choice.

The BFG, meanwhile, revealed that the player he previously wouldn’t have wanted to fight against was Gabriel. However, now it’s definitely new left-back, Sead Kolasinac.

The German also insists that he was only about a ‘two out of 10’ on the nervous scale ahead of the FA Cup final against Chelsea in May, as no one expected much from him and had already written him off.

His debut against Swansea, however, was a different story.

Interestingly, on a completely unrelated note, Mertesacker only has to shave every two weeks, whereas Wenger has to shave everyday. Blimey.

Watch the full video above.